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Crouching Tiger

This is the translation of Süa Lag Hang, the name of our buddhist martial art. Within this style, the

particular originalities and character traits of animals like strength, fitness, agility and presence are the

prototypes for the individual moves. But several animals beside the tiger have contributed their names

to the forms.

By observing nature and studying the available knowledge of body, mind and the world around them,

the masters of the past gained deep insights into the essence of man, society and nature. Therefore,

besides form training philosophical aspects also form a part of the schedule to inspire students to think

about themselves as well as other people.

In our school, we offer classes for children of at least 4 years of age and adults in traditional Kung Fu,

Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Muay Thai Boran.

Training martial arts improves your fitness and forms your character by cultivating new, positive habits.

In this way, important qualities like patience, discipline, awareness, attentiveness, dealing with strengths

and weaknesses, composure and a lot more step by step turn into new, available skills incidentally. In

this way, body and mind are developed equally. Equipped with such abilities, it becomes a lot easier to

interact with others peacefully and friendly in one´s every day life, even under stress. The increased

contact with oneself as well as the development of greater awareness helps you to become more

content and find and pursue your own goals.


Training reduces stress but increases vital energy and joy. Through greater awareness we gain the

strength to lead our own lives more and more which in turn makes it more difficult for others to

manipulate us. Therefore, studying a martial art in a modern society is more and more about

psychological self-defence.

Through self-confident demeanour and a peaceful, non-aggressive attitude, conflicts are avoided and

physical confrontations don´t arise in the first place. Nevertheless, we practice our skills on each other

in single combat in a relaxed atmosphere.

The training of martial arts was introduced to buddhist monasteries in China 1500 years ago to help

the monks who practised mostly sitting meditation to become physically fit and maintain their health.

Therefore, this kind of training is ideally suited for our times to provide a holistic compensation for the

constant sitting in school and work.


Thanks to persistent and continuous training, body and mind mature and your true self can flourish.

Illusions dissolve and the simplicity of reality can be perceived and accepted as it is.


Due to these many aspects, our martial arts training is multifaceted, just as the people who practice it.

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